Wallpaper related matters

1. The three elements of wallpaper design

Pattern: Make the wallpaper rich and colorful, reflecting different personalities.

Color: Make the wallpaper expressive and can meet the needs of different people and places.

Texture: Improve the quality of the wallpaper and reflect the value of the wallpaper.


2. The design concept of different space wallpapers


It can bring a feeling of comfort and relaxation. There are some flowers or geometric figures, with light warm colors as the main color, warm and elegant (beige, beige, light coffee, a little reddish brown), and the color of the children’s room is brighter and brighter than the pink color.


Classified by room:


Dining room and living room: It is advisable to use bright colors and bright colors, which can improve people’s mood.


Bedroom and study: warm, low-brightness colors make people feel calm.


Children’s room: The color is bright and bright, and the contrast is strong.


Engineering (hotels, hotels): generally plain color, no graphics, mainly by embossing performance, strong and rich texture. With soft light neutral colors as the main color, it creates a relaxed and warm feeling.





Entertainment venues: large and abstract graphics, rich in rhythm and dynamics, rich colors, strong contrast, show off visual effects, commonly used extreme colors, such as gold, silver, red, and black, and the texture requirements are not high.


Office space: The graphics are small and rigorous, with geometric shapes as the mainstay, gray in color, more serious, and quite satisfactory.


Shopping malls: the graphics are simple and generally use plain colors, bright, bright and fashionable to bring out the characteristics of the products.


3. the matching of wallpapers

Wallpaper matching has no rules to follow. It can be bold or implicit. The focus of wallpaper matching lies in the harmony and unity of pattern, color and texture. Pay attention to a few points:


1. Uniform color tone: change in the same color system without too much contrast.


2. Geometry matches geometric or plain colors, plant flowers match plant flowers or plain colors, otherwise it will be messy.


3. The texture is uniform, there can be differences, but the contrast should not be too large.


4.the pasting method of wallpaper in the same space


Separate main and auxiliary wall stickers: This method highlights the layering of the main and auxiliary walls, and the main wall can be enhanced by graphics and colors.


Sticking up and down: light up and down heavy, otherwise the room is short and oppressive.


Partial paste: Use some characteristic paper to paste a part for modeling.


Post time: Sep-26-2021